Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Go to this site to watch a very cool animation of the tortoises moving across Pinta!

I just think it's so cool to see them moving in relation to one another - much better than just a bunch of points on a screen. I especially like watching Wilman move down to the Southeast and then Wacho following him. I remember when Ben and I observed the two of them together in the same beautiful cactus grove.

-Elizabeth, Syracuse

Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on Mario, Javier, and Freddy

Here's an update on the 3 tortoises that have satellite tags on them - Mario, Javier, and Freddy. This first image shows their total track since the introduction (the black point). Mario is in yellow, Javier in pink, Freddy in blue.

Now here's just the segment of the track for where they've been going for the past couple of months (August 9 - October 4).

You can see that Freddy seems to have settled down up in the higher elevations, while Mario and Javier continue to wander. I suppose this could mean that most of the rest of the tortoises are still wandering, too. No way to know until I go back, though!

-Elizabeth, Syracuse