Saturday, April 24, 2010


It is now 11 days until we leave for the Galapagos to enter the story of Isla Pinta's restoration. This story is many years in the making, and I (Elizabeth Hunter) am but a minor player in the saga, fresh on the scene. I am a graduate student at SUNY-ESF, and I have been given an incredible opportunity to study the reintroduction of giant tortoises to Pinta. This is thanks to generous funding from the Galapagos Conservancy, the experience and wisdom of my advisor Dr. James Gibbs, and a bit of luck on my part!

This blog will chronicle the field activities of a team of researchers as we prepare for and conduct this study. There will be posts from me, James Gibbs, Joe Flanagan (veterinarian at the Houston Zoo), and the crew of first-rate field technicians - Francisco Laso, Garrison Loope, and Ben Risk. I expect that our experiences of this trip will all be slightly different, and I hope that this blog provides many insights into what will undoubtedly be an incredible, unforgettable journey.

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