Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And we're off!

James and I leave in about an hour from Syracuse. My boyfriend, Kevin, will kindly drive us to NYC where we will meet up with Ben at the airport. We'll probably have 11 checked bags between the 3 of us...which will be fun. We'll fly to Guayaquil and meet up with Garrison, then the four of us will fly to Baltra in the late morning tomorrow. From there, it's a confusing series of busses and boats until we get to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz. Francisco, Linda, and Joe will meet us there the next day - they're flying from Quito.

I'm so nervous, anxious, and already a bit exhausted, but the overwhelming feeling is of excitement. Soon I will be in the place that has occupied my thoughts for the last several months. Farewell Syracuse!

-Elizabeth, Syracuse NY

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