Friday, June 25, 2010

Galapagos Hawks

There is a Galapagos Hawk nest right next to the trail that we walk on from our camp to where the tortoises are. We’ve been keeping an eye on it since we got here. There are 3 males and a female that are always in the vicinity of it. Or we presume that sex ratio, since the hawks are polyandrous. A few days ago, the chick finally emerged: a big white fluffy ball. Quite cute. The adults have become very protective ever since and have let us know that our passing by is not appreciated. I think we’ve all been dive bombed by an adult and felt their wings brush our heads. They also like to hover about 5 feet over us with their shadow directly above us as we walk, which is a little creepy. I hope that chick grows up fast.

-Elizabeth, Pinta

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